ALIAS BOOKS   Sawtalle  Blvd. West Los Angeles,California

ROSE  CAFE  &  MARKET    Rose Ave.  Venice Ca.

THE FIREHOUSE  Rose Ave.  Venice Ca. 

ALFA ROMEO  Wilshire Bloulevard  Santa Monica California   

HENKES JEWELERES  Linbrook Avenue  Westwood,    California
23 karat gold leaf on cutt out script lettering set of the wall 1.5 in  

CARLTON BOOKS  STORE    4th.  Street   Santa Monica. California  

Dunaway O'Neil     Main St,  Santa Monica, Ca.

OFF MY BACK    Barringtone Avenue. West Los Angeles, California

SWENSEN'S  ICE  CREAM  FACTORY    Wilshire Boulevard  Santa Monica, Ca.

GAS  CO  321     Hampton Drive   Venice , California

VIRGINIA'S  SWIMWARE    Santa Monica Pier, Ca.

Z-FLEX  WHEELS    a fullpage  ad  for  SKATEBORDER  MAGAZINE 

HABER'S  TOYS  SHOP     3d  Street Promenade  Santa Monica, Ca.  1975 ?

The Beach House     Pacific Ocean Park,  Santa Monica, California

ICE CREAM STORE  in Paia Maui,  Haiwaii

Dr. Lax Optometrst   Wilshire  Santa Monica, Ca.

LAW  OFFICES    Wilshire Boulevard   Santa Monica, California

Kelsey  Alloys Co.  Brochure    El Segundo, Ca. 

 Antique Farm Machines   Pin Striping    Quaker Town, Pensylvania

ALBION RIVER INN    Albion , Northern California

COLORS OF THE  WIND      Kite Store    Main Street    Santa Monica, California

ROSE CAFE  &  MARKET  Exterior Mural   Rose Avenue  Venice California   1984 

KELSEY AlLLOYS  CO.  truck lettering, Venice , Ca.

FISH  ANGEL  BOUTIQUE    detail     Marina Del Rey , Ca.

CRICKET ANTIQUES  Pacific Ave.  Venice, California

Rene Signs & Murals

Democrat Sign   Mendecino, California

ROSE  CAFE  &  MARKET  Exterior Mural     Rose Avenue  Venice California

ROSE  CAFE  &  MARKET  iterior wall Mural

PALACE  MUSEUM    Abott Kinney, Venice , California

Napoleon Bakery   Main Street, Santa Monica, Ca.

 SIR  WILFREDS  TOBACCO  &  CAFE    Kahului,  Hawaii
   23 karat  gold leaf on  glass.

MOBILITY  SHOP    Main Steet  Santa Monica, Ca.

FISH  ANGEL  BOUTIQUE    Marina Del Rey ,  California

POURELLE  BOUTIQUE   Pacific Avenue  Venice , California     

This image of an Orangutan is one of the first murals I painted shortly after my arrival to the United States in sunny California, it was for a pet shop in Santa Monica called  Animal Kingdom.
STAINED  GLASS  STUDIO  Main St,  Santa Monica, California
23 karat gold leaf on glass

MAJOR  LEAGE  TRIM    Pico Bl, W. LA, Ca.

 SIR  WILFREDS  TOBACCO  &  CAFE    Kahului,  Hawaii
   23 karat  gold leaf on  glass.

FOREST LAWN    Burbank , California

BEL  AIR  MONTESSORI  SCHOOL     Mission Viejo, California

CRICKET  ANTIQUES  Venice, California
23 karat Gold Leaf lettering on glass 

Truck Lettering for FLOWER SHOP  Perkasie, Pensylvania 

COASTLINE  INSTA  PRINT    Venice , California

SEA  VILLAGE  CAFE    Marina Del Rey , Ca.

Wood Carving  project for a  " P R O D U C T I V I T Y "  Brochure Presentation   Venice , Ca.

Z-FLEX  WHEELS    a fullpage  ad  for  SKATEBORDER  MAGAZINE 

ALEPH  BOOKSTORE  Main St,  Santa Monica, Ca.
23 karat gold leaf on glass

Full pge Ad for new Z-products was the Z-groove and Z-smooth weels also was the New German Ball Barring in the center with the long shadow.


Full page Ad for Z-products was the Z-flex Skateboards and Wooden boards Z- series and little later arrived the Z-woody

All logos of  Z- products,  Z-fleex Boards,  Z-woody Boards;  and  Z-groove, Z-smooth wheels  were designed by Rene Holovsky from the Venice Toucan Art Studio

All logos of  Z- products,  Z-fleex Boards,  Z-woody Boards;  and  Z-groove, Z-smooth wheels  were designed by Rene Holovsky from the Venice Toucan Art Studio


DHABA  INDIAN  RESTAURANT      Main Street,  Santa Monica,  California