"Oolong":  Digital  Pastel Art

Santa Clarita Valley Rose  Society  21st Annual Wild West Rose Show

Hart Hall,  William S. Hart Park, Newhall, California


        Born in Prague, Czech Republic where I studied the Arts until the Soviet Invasion and occupation in August of 1968
After escaping to West Berlin,  I attended the Berlin University of Arts where I studied painting, lithography and etching under Professor Martin Engleman there and occasionally traveled with him where I worked on Stone Lithography in Paris, France and Etchings  in 's-Hertogenbosh, Holland, and continued my studies in painting, lithography and etchings exclusively.
My travels led me to Hawaii, my first tropical experience. The natural beauty of the jungles made me want to paint its beauty and the ancient tradition of its people.  Sometimes I would see groups of whales swimming by daily and realized the precious beauty of nature, its dance and its simplicity.
My painting of Laua’e Leaves is a traditional plant used at Hawaiian ceremonial dances, another sacred Hawaiian plant, the Ti Plant is used for hula skirts and for spiritual protection around the home.  I have painted two versions of this plant, "Ti Plant" and also "Ti plant in the Sun.
After many years spent in Hawaii, I traveled to Costa Rica where my inspiration continued. The jungles there are very dense, full of life and vegetation. My painting Heliconia Costa Rica is what I saw in the jungles there, not in a planted garden. To hear the first howler monkey or to see the first toucan flying was magnificent. The first evening that I saw the silhouette of a spider monkey jumping through the moon and from palm to palm and sea turtles swimming through the water in the morning are memories I will always reflect on.

While spending time in tropical areas I was impressed and inspired, thus Art Botanica. I have such a great respect for nature and the creatures that live within it.

I am in California now, where I am inspired by the many flowers that grow here and closely watched by bees and humming birds and me.
I create environmental art through nature. I sincerely recommend my work for both office and home, let nature in through my art.
My artwork mainly focuses on  Tropicals,  Roses,  Bees & Hummingbirds  and  Rene Signs & Murals.

Rene Holovsky  A R T  B O T A N I C A